What’s important to us?

BSU has enjoyed great success and growth for the last 29 years by keeping our corporate mission very focused on “Do whatever it takes to meet the Customer Needs”. Customer satisfaction, quality and innovation have been at the core of our DNA.

Where are we?

If you’ve heard of Cornell University then you have visited Ithaca (NY), an amazingly picturesque city where we are located.

Who are we and where have we worked previously?

We are a team of industry veterans with expertise in:

  • contract manufacturing (onshore and offshore)
  • complex new product designs and launches worldwide
  • field service, installation, and customer success

What do we do?

At our 18.5K facility, we provide a wide range of services ranging from quick turn prototyping, High Mix Low Volume and Low Mix Medium to High Volume manufacturing. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Complex electronic assemblies and cable manufacturing.
  • Complex box build and system integration along with software imaging capabilities.
  • Electrical, mechanical, thermal and systems design with teams onshore and offshore.
  • Full testing capabilities with Flying Probe, functional testers (in house design or customer provided), ICT and burnin.
  • New Product Introduction
  • Quick Turn Prototyping where flexibility and innovation is important.
  • Field Deployment and Installation through our third part partners.

What markets and areas do we understand and have worked in?

Over our last 29 year history which included working on the first ever Copier from Xerox corporation, we have accumulated knowledge and expertise in the following markets: industrial, commercial, defense and aerospace, entertainment/multimedia, automotive, enterprise computing and storage, clean technology and renewable energy, oil and gas, IoT, RF/Wireless to name a few.

What’s our philosophy?

For 29 years, we have built an amazing and dedicated team that has been with BSU in some cases for over 10 years. We feel that treating our team with integrity and respect results in these same fundamentals values projecting onto our customers through the quality in the services we provide to them.

Our Customers